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Testing, testing, Web 2.0

I found tonight. I can post updates to multiple social networking sites simultaneously with it. Right now, I have four social networks hooked up to it. It seems to work. I discovered Friendbar last weekend, for sending posts to Twitter and FB via a Firefox toolbar. Tumblr is allowing Twitter integration, and it seems there are more social networking sites that I ever knew existed…

Web 2.0 Vortex

Is there some magical way to connect every Web 2.0 thing to everything else? I have Friendbar allowing me simultaneous posts to Facebook and Twitter. Tumblr allows me to feed my WordPress blog to it, and so does Networked Blogs on Facebook.

I feel like I am missing some magical piece that will connect everything to everything else, though.

Is this the Web 2.0 equivalent to patrons at the genealogy library asking me questions like, “Isn’t there one book with my ENTIRE family in it?