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Look How They Getcha

Got a letter today in the mail from Verizon about a phone number I have never seen before, addressed to my mother, about a request to change the billing address.

Problem is, you see… Mom’s in a nursing home, and we no longer use Verizon. So I called them up. They put me on perpetual hold. I had to laugh. They played Shawn Colvin’s “Sonny Came Home.” It seemed apropos, “making a few small adjustments.”

In the end, they said it must’ve been a mis-mailing. But I have to tell you, folks, you have to be on your guard 24/7 when it comes to ID theft. I have already had two ID theft incidents, and even though it was not catastrophic, it was a pain in the ass and time-consuming to fill out paperwork for something you DIDN’T do!

While at SLA, I previewed myself on a product called PeopleMap and I think I found another clue in the ID theft #1, the opening of my Sprint account in my name using a Brooklyn address.

So, be wary, folks!