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Cry, Cry, Creepy Crickets

You know, I like to think that I have respect for all living creatures, but the insects known as camel crickets really creep me out. I wrote about this a while ago. Well, Nero alone, killing only the ones that make it up from the basement, is not enough.

Last month, I deployed four glue traps, and was shocked, delighted, and surprised to find that within 24 hours, three of the four glue traps were standing room only.

It’s almost as if someone let one or two people know there was a new hotspot in town. A very deadly hotspot.

Of course, the horror of glue traps is that they are really a horrible death for rodents, and it’s really horrible when you have to go pick them up.

Well, picking up a glue trap with about 36 camel crickets stuck on it, some of them still moving, is no picnic.

I don’t know how mafia hitmen do it.

Caravan of Camel Crickets

For some reason, the camel crickets just keep on coming back to the Bookey House. Everyone in Great Neck seems to have them. Eric and I spent about an hour in the basement cleaning up a lot of old paperwork, and no sight of them. I went back down 15 minutes later, and there’s about five of them.

They look like spiders, but are actually blind crickets that jump very quickly, almost like they have vanished. The only creature in this house that can seem to follow their movements is Nero. To date, Nero has about 17 confirmed kills/injuries. He just keeps tapping them until they stop moving. Sometimes, they are mortally injured.

They are harmless, but scary looking, like the giant insects in Starship Troopers. Ugh.