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Today’s Recession Tip: LIRR

Want a free ride on the LIRR? It’s not that difficult. If you board any westbound Port Washington train after Penn Station, you are very likely not to have your ticket collected. There is no accounting for the timing. This happens all hours of the day (even rush hours home) and despite trains being overloaded or empty.

I cannot tell you how often I and my visitors have not had our tickets collected. Of course, you should always have one on hand, because if you don’t have a ticket, there’s at least a $5 penalty (probably more) if you buy a ticket on the train. And if you don’t have the money, you will be treated with scorn. I once witnessed a ticket conductor dressing down a woman in front of her three kids for not having tickets or money.

The MTA would have plenty of extra money if they instructed their ticket collectors to… do their jobs.