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Godzilla vs. The Health Care System

I am dumb with amazement at the people who are against universal health care. If I sent Godzilla in to fight with the hundreds of insurance companies, I doubt he would win.

The thing about Americans that amazes is me is the idea that some people deserve health care and others do not. Our society, for better or worse, is based on Judao-Christian ethics, a cornerstone of which is charity.

Many did not seem to mind plunging the country into debt with the ill-conceived and floundering war in Iraq. We already have Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security. Universal health coverage is a natural extension of this.

We pay more when people use ERs for minor ailments, because they cannot go to a doctor. We pay more when there’s more reactive care than prophylaxis. I paid for diphtheria medication ($68) because my insurer wouldn’t cover it when I went to Sri Lanka; but if I got sick, they would have covered it, for much more money.

These people screaming in town hall meetings? Who are they? Why are they so angry. Believe me, if there was an outbreak of the flu, they would be screaming for the government to do something, but at the same time they want people to not be covered, because they pay for health coverage (a portion of it via work), and some might not?

I am currently unemployed and spending $300/month for Healthy NY via Empire Blue Cross. That $3600 could go to a LOT of other stuff I need to do to keep up the house, but I have to keep myself up as well. People go nuts over the notion that they don’t have a choice of doctors. Well, you don’t under the current system either. I changed jobs 10 years ago and had to leave a doctor I liked to one that turned out disasterously during a time I had a (false) cancer scare. The actual problem, which I won’t reveal here, was actually hilarious.

The bottom line is that a society that thinks it is built on some primary religious ethics should be a lot more charitable. We already have a lot of the basics in place. People are fed up, and even doctors are fed up, with the health insurance companies’ control over the situation, and it needs reform now.