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Curmudgeons United

A friend of mine from the optical world has a blog, Spinstermiss, that cracks me up. I love this quote on her main page:

“I like to complain about stuff and not really do much to fix it. If I could make a living that way, so much the better.”

As a card-carryng curmudgeon, I love this line. Oh, Spinstermiss, things couldn’ve been so very, very different if I weren’t a notorious homosexual!

My Soapbox

I have created a soap-opera-related blog, Soap Book. I am also considering a hyphen-related blog.

I am keeping it separate since most people don’t appreciate the soaps. My secret shame… and maybe yours?

Web 2.0 Vortex

Is there some magical way to connect every Web 2.0 thing to everything else? I have Friendbar allowing me simultaneous posts to Facebook and Twitter. Tumblr allows me to feed my WordPress blog to it, and so does Networked Blogs on Facebook.

I feel like I am missing some magical piece that will connect everything to everything else, though.

Is this the Web 2.0 equivalent to patrons at the genealogy library asking me questions like, “Isn’t there one book with my ENTIRE family in it?

Hello again, world!

For someone who usually has a lot to say, why is it that I start blogs and then abandon them

Well, after doing some requisite research, I found that WordPress is part of my MacHighway subscription. I am still trying to find the easiest way to integrate this blog with Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, and Tumblr. Maybe that’s asking too much of the Internet.