Eric and I went to Steppingstone Park the evening of July Fourth, obstensibly for a band and fireworks. All they had was the band. Eric and I often bring down the median age of any event we attend, so it was no surprise to hear the bandleader say, “I am sure you all remember the beginning of World War II…”

The park was quite crowded, despite there being no fireworks on our side of the Sound in Great Neck. However, we were treated to about a dozen fireworks displays across Long Island Sound, in the Bronx and Westchester. It was a very interesting experience, in that you didn’t know which direction to look at next. It was all quite beautiful.

It also made me think about what life was like 200 years ago, when you might see something blowing up or on fire from a distance, and you wouldn’t know for a while what happened, since there was no TV, telephone, or even telegraph. One fireworks display in particular was across the Great Neck landmass, and at the end, the fireworks were not airborne, so it just looked like a series of explosions and fires across a hill. If it wasn’t July Fourth, you might wonder exactly what all that racket and light was about.

It is also astounding to think of just how many fireworks were being set off simultaneously across the country between 9 and 10 pm. It also confirmed that I am, deep-down, rather American. Like the rest of you, I enjoy seeing things blown up now and then!

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