“Good Things Are Happening in South Plainfield”


From December 27, 2012

Something I didn’t notice on previous trips to our borough hall; the main hallway has a painted inscription that says “Good Things Are Happening in South Plainfield.” I didn’t notice it, but it was pointed out to me the night Eric and I went to have our civil union ceremony performed by the mayor of South Plainfield last Thursday night.

What was very nice about the entire event, beyond the inherent goodness of the event that marks our ten years together and giving it an actual, legal, recognized status, is that everyone involved at the town was very helpful and positive. Not a single odd comment or look. Quite a different experience in general than visiting the Village Hall where I used to live. Or when I went to the bank to change an account and the officer couldn’t seem to process the notion that my beneficiary is my partner.

Despite some homeowner problems, like needing a new furnace and a new air-conditioning system, and repairing damage done to the house by a mover about 90 minutes after we bought the house, good things are happening in South Plainfield. We have very nice neighbors, one of which was our witness for the civil union license. The house has withstood a few weather events, like Hurricane Sandy. We have a lot to be happy about, in a year that was, quite frankly, very trying.

In addition to the general rancor of the election cycle and the horrible destruction brought about by Hurricane Sandy, Eric and I lost a dear friend to cancer. Another acquaintence also passed on, also cancer. About five friends went through the rigors of cancer treatments and luckily, they are all doing well.

The big event of the year, beyond being joined in civil unity, was moving. Closing up a home that has been in our family for 45 years was quite difficult. Looking at homes and trying to figure out where to move? Also difficult. Someone should have blogged about it!

So, we are very happy to end the year on a high note. We’re grateful to have great friends and family, many of whom we have seen this month, and we are also happy that the house in one piece, the heat is working (and if it’s not, I have a LOT of quilts), and we have jobs. My own job went full time in September, which is a very good thing, although I am still getting used to working nights exclusively.

Happy New Year everyone!

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