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Cataloging to Declutter

A friend of mine recently hired a professional to help her declutter her house, and I read his professional blog. In one entry, he had a woman go through a seemingly neat and orderly bookcase, next to her messy overstuffed closet. The logic being, did she actually need all the books that she had on the shelf?

Given that I probably have more than 1500 books, I decided to take the same approach. First, I went through every bookcase and box of books I have and I immediately culled the books I know I would never read or did not want anymore.

There is a good likelihood I will never, ever read all the books I Have, even if I had independent wealth and nothing to do but read.

After the initial culling,  I decided to turn go through all the books again, this time using to actually catalog the books.

I first learned of it in 2007, probably at an convention of the Special Libraries Association. I cataloged about 200 or so books. It only costs $25 for a lifetime membership–so you can go beyond the limit of 250 books.

In about two days, I wound up cataloging 1000 more books.  Using ISBNs or LC numbers, it was quite easy. It not only let me create subcollections (which I did by bookcase), but it also helped me realize I had doubles of certain titles, and also, it helped me put more like titles or themes together on the shelves.

It also helped me get a bit tougher on myself and get rid of more books.

It might seem odd, a librarian getting RID of books, but librarians do weed out collections all the time. And as a librarian myself, I have an idea of what I am likely to read, and what I can probably find at a public library if I really do want to read the book later on.

If I live that long!

Your Grandmother’s Census

I went to a session at SLA 2009 entitled something like “2010: Not Your Grandmother’s Census.” Well, it was not as interesting as I had hoped it would be. I also pondered what MY grandmother might ask on a census…

  1. Are you hungry? You look hungry.
  2. Are you tired? You look good. But you look tired. Are you hungry?
  3. Did you eat already? I made you something. Are you hungry?
  4. Did you drink an ice cold drink too fast? You shouldn’t do that. Are you hungry?
  5. In 1920 we lived at 225 Roebling Street. Are you hungry?
  6. That boy/girl is fine for now, but later, you want to marry that doctor, don’t you?
  7. Aunt Rose used to eat fried eggs right out of the frying pan. Are you hungry?
Grandma feeding a new generation in 1988.

Grandma feeding a new generation in 1988.