All About Bookey

I am hoping this latest blog format is the last I will ever use. I have used iBlog and iWeb and not been very happy with them. As I wrote on my website’s blog page, every blog has 1.5 readers. Hopefully, with my own new domain name and WordPress, I will have at least 3.75 readers.

I have been “blogging” well before the term arose. In 1998, I kept an online diary, prompted by the murder of Matthew Shepard in Wyoming, and in 1997, my old Geocities Website, I’ll Be the Judge of That, kept an online diary of sorts of my movie going, book reading, and my restaurant outings with my moviegoing friends.

Today, we have more than just HTML-driven pages to share information on the Web. As someone who has been involved in writing, publishing, and research for more than 25 years, the Web and blogging gives us so many ways to share and present information of all kinds.

—Seth J. Bookey, 2009

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